About us


The Organization

Victore is brand name which is known for its quality production, trading, distribution of services internationally.Our aim to generate a refined service which carry its quality and adopted for the batter supply chain management of goods for mankind.We believe in integration of services which give the fruitful result to its consumers. The history began in 2005 with foundation name and Victore in early decades started with maritime services, customised and managed in India and adopted to the world, slowly the founder management understood the demand of its version and hence for created expanded logistics management which is integrated with supply chain management.The services produced and traded across the world wide destination and Victore making a outstanding performance by giving the Logistics and its supportive services across the global no matter it’s on surface or air or sea. Victore has customised the logistics to serve batter in mainly two form , The one which is known for actual logistics integrated with various allied to serve the goods and its management named as EXIM Logistic which state itself the services made for export and imports goods comprised with many types of activity and manage its efficiency and quality. In another part victore since it started has been performing and managing the services named as MARITIME Logistics and has created , customised for the service to marine infrastructure such as ships, ports, and carriage of goods by sea with various titles and management name on global platform. Victore majorly operate the services from India and ventured with allied partners globally and have existing in most of countries in the world. Victore will keep developing the quality and management of services adopted under with new technology and modern infrastructure which suits to its consumers at every places of world.


Our History

We are as old as the cargo transportation by tradition in the world, Though we are fresh form of concept in the row of leading organization. Journey of logistics began in 2006 as group core compitnacey was a maritime logistics where we learn to be deepest form of performing the logistics operation of complex nature and mode of operation. Slowly we have sharpen toward the dedicated industrial services, to cater the industry, who produce the goods and consume the goods and we being a most cost effective supply chain manager in the world for them. Now since a decade we are performing aremarkable journeyin positives performance of logistic operation.


Our Vision

We understand the human demand unlimited and reaching within eye blink with their demand from the supply chain system is our priority on every corner of word. We will keep giving performance of with our extraordinary supply chain system to world and make life as simplify as possible with our logistics systems. We just don’t care cargo but understand the sentiments of life in the cargo and that the value we carry always with our services across the globe.


Our Mission

To reach every consumer and supplier of goods at every corner on planet with sharpen and modernized system of logistics and supply chain management, to give outstanding performance in form of carry the trust. To manage to cargo with modern technology and expand the philosophy at every piece of land in world.


Our Strengths

Our service is mainly dedicated as commodities wise and mend for every commodities which terms as goods and formed as cargo. Which need to be supply and consumed in the industry. To give the one stop solution we customize the services as below which cater to every customer need where we feed are perfect in our supply chain management philosophy. We give mainly 3 service to every commodities with dedicated sub services depend on the best economy can be achieved in the process of production and consumption in the system of supply chain managements.